Why Am I Hearing Signal On Channels That Aren't Enabled in Cubase & When Cubase Isn't Even Running?

I am surprised that when I plug a bass into Channel 1 on the UR816C that I hear it in main monitors and headphones even though I don’t have the yellow monitor button enabled for the track in Cubase to which it is routed. Even when I don’t have Cubase running at all, I still hear signal from that channel in the headphones and main monitors.

It seems like there is some kind of routing happening in the UR816C that makes no sense to me and I didn’t have this happening on the MR816 CSX that the UR816C is replacing. I thought it might have something to do with loopback but can see that is set to “off” when I look in dspMixFx so I am stumped. Hearing uncontrolled signal across the interface is a big time no-go for me so I assume I am missing something in the configuration.


the hardware has a built in DSP mixer

that’s the remote control software of the mixer

dsp > DSP based
Mix > integrated mixer
Fx > and effects processing

Hmmm… this then leads me to 2 questions:

  • How do I stop the signal from going to mains and headphone mixes unless I enable the monitoring in Cubase?

  • I am using the dspMixFX app on my host. Based on the image you posted above, is it the case that the host-based software is insufficient to control the device and now I need to put another app on my iPad too?


Solo the daw channel in dspmix.


Thank you @misohoza - soloing the DAW channel totally did the trick. The design choices around routing on the UR816C seem strange to me, but as I learn more through re-reading the manual a few times, reading/posting in these forums and watching videos on YouTube I am getting it set up the way I want it to be and am happy so far. Thanks again!

If you want to use the monitor buttons within Cubase instead of the functions within dspMixFx, you have to enable direct monitoring in your ‘studio setup’ interface menu in Cubase. Once activated, it bypasses these features and only turns on monitoring when you click the little monitor button within Cubase. I also use an 816c and was bothered by this initially But I’ve since grown to live it because I leave an iPad with the dspMixFx app on it in the tracking room and musicians control their own headphone mixes (at least the inputs part) for themselves. They love it, and I can still tweak things on my end in the control room using the computer app. So after trying so hard to work out mixes etc and hardware control within Cubase, I resorted and fully embraced using a separate app to control the interface.

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