Why Am I Puzzled ?

N6.5 tones out.JPG
Hi guys,

I was running a simple alignment check and discovered that a Steinberg Tools signal generator inserted on a stereo output bus reads exactly as it is supposed to ( same for mono )
However, when I create a 5.1 output bus the same generator ( or the mixer meter reading ) is off, and uneven across the output channels…

I’m new to to 5.1 setups, ( 2.0 work for over 20 years …) just wanted to calibrate my whole system.
What is going on ?

thanx for stepping in


I tested on my system and the meters show equally. The most likely issue would be your 5.1 routing. Attached is the screen shot from mine.
Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.27.36 AM.png

Thanx Chris,

Yea…Inserting the generator on the 5.1 output bus shows it fine, just like you demonstrated.
I was on an audio channel , feeding the 5.1 out.
I’ll need to figure out how to set up the busing/panning correctly, as I’m just getting into the surround mixing…
I know… :open_mouth:


The top of the channels in your screenshot seem to show one signal generator on each.