Why Are Faders Linked?

I have a MIDI track on which the notes get a bit loud in the middle. I thought the easiest way to lower the volume for the middle part would be to create a second MIDI track, move the middle part to it, and lower the audio fader.

However, when I did this I found that the audio faders of the two tracks are for some reason linked. So I can’t adjust them independently.

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and how I can unlink the faders?


The „audio fadera of what?
Simply creating a second MIDI track and moving a MIDI part to it does not create an audio fader. So what is you exact setup.

I have both MIDI tracks routed to a VST called AAS Player. So in the track inspector there is, among other things, an audio fader. For some reason the faders are linked.

But I think I’m going to use MIDI Modifiers/Velocity Shift to lower the velocity of the MIDI (and thus the volume of the resulting audio) instead of using a fader to lower the audio.