Why are 'feature requests' moved to the Lounge?

I’d appreciate an admin/ mod response.

The ‘Music Lounge’ is described: “General discussions on songwriting, mixing, music business and other music related topics.”

Since this description has nothing to do specifically with the current Cubase version … or future revisions, by what logic are legitimate and reasonable feature requests moved from this forum to the Lounge?

I would be happy to see a dedicated ‘Feature Request’ sub-forum, but the current practice does not seem to make any sense, since no one would possibly know, based upon the categorization, that the ‘Music Lounge’ is where you post or look for feature request threads.

Consider this, in my opinion … ‘ahem, ahem’ … eminently reasonable request http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=16283.

How is it possibly better placed in the ‘Music Lounge’ where few will see it, as opposed to the main forum where many can decide whether they are supportive of a feature or not?


I totally agree. Some people could think that this implies that Steinberg has stopped listening to such requests… These request are always relevant and should be at the forefront…

A. clutter

I vote subforum.

It would be a potential moral hazard to have a “feature requests” subforum since it could become a potential visceral minefield of abuse against steinberg.


This is a rational position? So because some immature folks may gnash their teeth, Steinberg is obligated to censor all?

Whatever it may be, “potential moral hazard” is too over the top, beyond the pale, way out past the boondocks.


PS Had I known ‘cubasepadawan’ was the erstwhile ‘Brains,’ troll extraordinare,’ I wouldn’t have wasted my digital zeros and ones responding.

Equally, potential complaints from “lounge folk” wanting to be shielded from feature requests is also a valid concern and personally I can’t see anything changing unless there is reconcilliation between users and forum members.

The Lounge is a sort of no man’s land-although you haven’t exactly been sent to hell when your thread goes there, you’ve obviously angered the Gods and been moved someplace far, far away-thus indicating your irrelevance :wink:

But MOD’s and Site Admins must actually have had to have read the OP in order to move it, no unless someone knows how the thread bearing system ie forum operates.

Thank gosh for that “foe” feature. Mister Brains now goes to join that weird looking kitten.

I Agree. Feature requests are about an imaginary version of Cubase that does not exist. I say subforum.

Hmmm … maybe not so fast?

What about the ‘feature request’ of the reverting to the former way of comping … which was then incorporated in 6.5?

Each ‘feature request’ will stand or fall based upon the interest generated by users. If someone explains well a feature request you’ve never thought of and you now see how it could help your work flow, you chime in. If not, you ignore it.

I think Steinberg is listening more carefully to feature requests than in the past and, as in the above case, quickly implementing or reimplementing them when there is a large group of users desiring them.

How would they know what people want (and how would people know whether or not they think they would want) unless there is either a prominent sub-forum or, if not, feature requests aren’t permitted to remain in the main forum where most users spend most their time?

I’d prefer a sub-forum … but until then I certainly think they belong here as opposed to in the Lounge.


Never a more untrue word spoken (in my opinion of course).

If a developer perusing the forum likes the idea or MOD, production superstar etc likes it, it doesn’t matter what any user thinks, it will be done and this has happened many times before, need I mention the now venerable Loopmash.

Because they can and it’s THEIR forum. Not ours.

To the waiter: “Pardon me, Sir … I think there is a roach in my soup?”

Waiter: “We serve it that way because it’s our restaurant and we can. Didn’t you notice your are the only customer here?”


My vote: I don’t find feature requests distracting at all.

Quite the opposite actually. For me, FR threads are absolutely relevant to the “current” version and my growing understanding of it.

Such threads often lead to discussions of interesting workarounds (in the current version), or reveal existing features (in the current version) that I hadn’t known about. But perhaps most importantly, FR threads help me understand what the current Cubase version can’t do. This is very useful information to me, as I’ve spent thousands of hours using Cubase over the years. But it’s such a deep program, I still don’t feel I understand exactly what it’s limitations are. FR threads help me grasp where Cubase’s boundaries lie.

Of course, feature request threads often lead to spirited discussion about the potential direction of future Cubase versions - which, in my opinion, is always healthy. If some find these threads distracting, they certainly don’t have to read them. Forum moderators can enforce the practice of adding “FR” to the thread title, if that helps.

I’m genuinely curious - Do other audio software companies discourage user discussions of new features? Do they routinely “disappear” such threads to less popular, non-public forums (with no notice of thread movement)? Seems like this is not standard practice around the industry - or at least, it shouldn’t be.


P.S. Worse case - create a sub-forum entitled “Cubase Future Development & Ideas.” I could live with that. But please - when a thread is moved there, post a “Moved to Cubase Future Development forum” notice on that thread’s title (in the Cubase 6 forum) to alert users that it’s been moved. This is standard practice on many (most?) other user forums I’ve used.

Software companies who aren’t professional and only care for the rabble of user causes in order to increase “curiousness” among potential buyers might but as for the company that makes the ultimate in DAW software, no.

It could be insidious tongue in cheek sarcasm … or it could be time for a new round of ‘Whack-A-Troll.’ Or is that ‘Whack-A-Mole?’

Where’s my mallet?


What a well written and thoughtful comment. Wish I’d written it myself, as it exactly explains why I think ‘feature request’ threads are valuable.


Hi Como,

Recently there were complaints emanating from the lounge that threads were being moved there or that they (FR’s) exist at all, so while I empathize with what you are saying there must be somewhere for Feature Requests to go and the support forums are not for that purpose simply because there are so many.

When I make a feature request, I normally put it in “welcome to steinberg” simply because that forum moves more slowly than the lounge and it does get read, ie “views” so as far as I am concerned there is no problem other than to say it would be nice if cubasers and nuendians could communicate in a combined lounge and any program requests might go there instead or alternatively in the product specific lounges as appropriate, kind of like how the odd hardware related thread gets put into the hardware forum, or VST etc