Why are 'feature requests' moved to the Lounge?

In a word-yes. There are some that do.

Steinberg has never really had a clear policy regarding was was verboten on their main forum. To be fair, it’s not always so clear exactly when a thread has gotten out of hand, but they have vacillated between using a light hand and a heavy hand. Honestly, sometimes I think the mods who also work on the revisions and upgrades get tired of seeing the negativity and the insistence on new features which they know are either not forthcoming or not coming soon, however, reacting by bouncing polite users into The Lounge of Irrelevance has been a prime annoyance of long time forum members for a good while.

A thing to realize-it IS their forum. They can do what they like. Whether they SHOULD or not is a matter of opinion.



Oh, the irony! :unamused:

“Roach in my soup! Waiter!” is a complaint not a feature request. Just desperate nonsense.

“Can I have a roach in my soup?” however, is a feature request. The chef would have it moved somewhere besides his kitchen.
Please catch up. Hangover?

As a Lounge Denizen who goes absolutely nowhere else in the god-forsaken wastelands that are the product fora, I find the feature requests as a distraction from the important business of lounging. What’s more they are irrelevant, since they are never acted upon.

I offer up the two quite reasonable requests I added in recent threads as evidence thereof:

  1. Package the next version in a yellow playdoh box

  2. Interactive DVD tutorials hosted by Big Bird from Sesame Street

Also since Cubase is the most perfectly coded software entity in the history of the universe, and the pinnacle of human achievement (except Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Great Britain steamship, The Super Hadron Collider, and Post-it notes, obviously) the idea of feature requests is quite clearly illogical, we might as well be asking for grass with better green in it or wetter sea or a different speed of light.

Now, pass me that Gin and Tonic.

In a rare moment of clarity I thought that maybe they are doing this so they can guage the need for a separate section for requests.
They may also find that half the requests are really complaints in disguise. :mrgreen:

“Waiter, wouldn’t it be super if fly soup was on the menu?” might actually mean
“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup! WTF!?”
Waiter: “WTF sir?” (WTF = Where’s the fly?) :laughing:

:laughing: This is what the lounge is for. Not complaints/requests that Steinberg doesn’t bother to read. The lounge is for musical inspiration.

Why has the post questioning the reason for feature request post’s being moved to the lounge, been moved to the lounge?


I guess it displays a disappointing passive-aggressiveness, as I asked respectfully for an admin/ mod to explain the issue.

If they took the time to move it, you would think they had the courtesy to answer.

A touch of the old imperiousness?


Some alternate perspective.

The lounge is member-only forum and cannot be viewed by the public. I speculate that SB may feel that feature requests in the public forum may be doing damage to their marketing efforts by illustrating the fact that those same features are not present in the current version of the software. Prospective buyers might be reluctant therefore.

If it were my product, I would be inclined to do the same thing from a marketing perspective.

I agree with a feature request sub-forum, a place for the "wanters to go, and the marketers to ponder.



A thoughtful viewpoint. Thanks.

As you say, I think a non-public ‘Feature Request’ and ‘Bug?’ forum would be the answer, or, alternatively a forthright statement in the description of the lounge.


You go, Jimi!



Steinberg won’t answer questions directed at them unless it is:

a) emailed


b) there is as Northwood Mediaworks points out a "marketing imperative

They are not imperious. That’s in your own head.
They are just bored with the inanity and vanity of the average feature requesters and often fall asleep.
They press the “Send to lounge” button to alleviate their tedium whenever they awake and see the same thing for the thousandth time. :laughing:

Besides, only complete fools work for nothing. I don’t work for Steinberg, they don’t pay me anything so I’m not going to give them my great ideas. :mrgreen: I’m not that vain.

Hmmmm … I wonder if there is a Poll in there somewhere? :wink:


In my own head of course. :mrgreen: