Why are FX channels not soloed when a send is created on a soloed channel?

Hey guys, this is an old gripe of mine in Cubase.

  1. Create an FX channel
  2. Create a track (with no sends wired by default)
  3. Solo the track
  4. Create a send to the FX channel

At this point, the FX channel should automatically be soloed too so it can be audible but it isn’t.

The best workaround I’ve found is setting up solo defeat on all FX channels so they always stay audible no matter what, but it really feels like this should not be necessary.


Agreed. Annoying

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Glad it wasn’t just me, I thought I may have been missing something obvious.

There might be a reason why it does this though hopefully someone can chime in. Though I can’t see what reason that would be.

Just change number 3 to 4. Create the send before soloing is the way I usually do it or toggle the solo off and on.

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You have to reapply the solo change.
Solo is not the normal state of the signal routing.

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Honestly this doesn’t make sense to me personally and is not the way most other DAWs work either.

I think that Cubase should be smart enough to solo the FX channel once I’ve created a send to it without forcing me to do it myself. Because if I’ve created a send, then I clearly want to hear it.

It’s these little things that DAWs like Studio One get right, and all these little things add up and are what make a DAW more intuitive.