Why are half of the menu items greyed out?

I used the trial of Cubase 7, then purchased the full version.

Half of the menu options are greyed out. For example, under Audio, most of the options are greyed out.

Why is this?


Because they are context sensitive.

If you “Click” on the “actual” audio track the menu will light up like a xmas tree ! Same applies to Midi.

I have instrument tracks. Does it work for them as well? After clicking on them, still the menu items are greyed out.

Instrument tracks do not have audio files, just MIDI data. The menus only light up with relevant choices.

Obviously Instrument tracks contain MIDI data, so no, audio options will not light up, as said before already…

Thanks guys for the help. I appreciate it.

I’m really looking for how to do a volume fade-out on an instrument track. Should I start a new thread?


You could automate the volume fader in the instrument channel. If you want to use the fade (as in the fade that works on audio events), you would first need to bounce your MIDI to audio. Easiest way to do that is to export that specific track and import it as an audio track.

You may also want to open an automation track. You can read about this in the manual - pg 179. The instrument track is a midi track, but also an audio track for mixing purposes.

Thanks very much, guys! :slight_smile: