Why are just a few of the tags availabe when creating new topics in this forum

A day or two ago I saw Cubase 11 as a tag on someone else’s topic and now I tried to create a topic and tag it properly but that didn’t work. Just a handful of tags were available and definitely not Cubase 11. Whassup with that?

Which tags can you see?

The cubase-11 tag should be available to everyone in the cubase category.

some of the tags don’t seem to appear automatically but you can type it in manually.

This is what I see

Just scroll down. Had the same first, but than found it by scrolling down. Seems like its not sorted.

no scrolling on the ‘optional’ tags which is what @HowlingUlf is referring to

just type 'em manually and they autocomplete (kind of!)

Indeed, that works too.

Yeah, that kind of works but what if I have a topic I’m not sure how to tag? I’d like to see … all of them. On the other hand what would that look like in a year or two? 243 tags to choose from?

I don’t have a scroll handle???
Is there a preference setting somewhere.
I’ve hadn’t had the time to even check hehe?

there isn’t a scroll for ‘optional’ tags - just the main tags

No idea. But here is also a discussion about tags. https://forums.steinberg.net/t/multiple-versions-of-cubase-in-one-forum-is-confusing-plus-where-are-the-post-numbers/589387
I ignore tags atm. No time to sort out how it works best.

I’m generally on Firefox but it looks the same in Chrome over here, if that helps.

I am on Safari and just tried Chrome. Both show the handle. Don’t think its browser related.

Mac or PC. I’m on PC.

I am on Mac…

Oh, at least a difference to check out! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I just tried to figure out, where you did the screenshot. And it is also the same for me. My screenshot is from another place. Sorry, did not see this before. And typing in, does not work. Just getting a not found.

Ok, sorted it out :wink: First you have to choose the category and than you will get the optional available tags. This works than by typing, no handle.

Well, that works if you know the tags by heart, kind of? What if you’re new to digital recordings in general and don’t have the vocabulary even if you know what you search for? This isn’t good enough. Total shot in the dark if you ask me.

Here’s a list of tag groups and tags:


They are predefined by us; some are specific to categories and some are general. They may evolve over time based on user requirements but, in general, we will avoid having too many tags.

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