Why are my dynamics not working?

I’m using Aria Player with COMB (Concert and Marchingband). When I add dynamics (p or ff) it won’t work correctly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work (p < ff over one measure).

I have add instruments first. After that I have changed all the instruments in PLAY mode from Halion to Ariaplayer.

Then I add some notes. The first two bars I’m hearing difference between P and FF. It’s not so much (how can I change this?). The 4 and 5 bar (ppp crescendo fff ) there is no change in dynamics (maybe a little little bit).
Schermafbeelding 2017-01-10 om 14.18.36.png
What is the way to go to do this correctly?
Schermafbeelding 2017-01-10 om 14.22.34.png

Regarding dynamics… you haven’t loaded any appropriate Expression maps. For sustaining instruments you need to specify MW (CC#1) for dynamics. If the dynamics effect is small, you can try changing the valule for Dynamic Curve power (Play>Playback options>Dynamics)

Where can I find a tutorial what and where to do. Why is Dorico responding at the first two bars and not and the 4the and 5th bar?

I’m using Dorico since october when it comes out. I was very happy, but it feels I’m loosing Dorico when I not follow the forum every day.

I just entered the notes in your picture above and set it to play with trumpets from GPO5 (It’s the only garr lib i have). I made up a minimal Expression Map with only Sustains set to CC1 (KS0) and Staccato (KS1) set to Velocity dynamics. I increased the Dynamics power curve from 2 to 3 and all dynamics played back as expected…

I’m not aware of any tutorials, which is not to say they don’t exist! Have a look in the Dorico channel on YT.

Can you upload a screenshot from the Expression Map? Thanks for helping me!

In order to find the correct key numbers for the Key Switches, you have to consult the Garritan documentation, I just guessed in this example, but it worked fine with the GPO5. COMB is likely different (!) ( I think there has to be an entry assigned in the Actions field for the Technique to take effect at all…)

I don’t know what I’m doing but the P < FFF works now. Is there no tutorial about this?

You could try downloading the PDF manual for CuBase and looking up the Expression Maps section there. Dorico may not support all the functions outlined there, but the reading (not too long) should give you some background.

I agree reading it will be instructive, but there are apparently quite a few discrepancies. Importing Cubase expression maps into Dorico is mostly a mess, requiring extensive edits, deletes and modifications to work (somewhat) properly…

The CuBase chapter will give Cees a basic picture of what is happening, given there is no such description specific to Dorico.