Why are my exported midi files sounding piano?

Hi, everyone, my uncle works on cubase element 10, with a yamaha ur242 and is having an issue that is horrible.
each time he exports midi files, all the instruments turn into piano and thus, sounds erratic.
we don’t know why. there is probably a setting missing for midi files, but hre on our little island there is obody that can help us :confused:
is there anybody having met the same issue? or could you please provide help?


The MIDI file is fine - what’s more than likely happening is you’re importing the MIDI into a new project, but not actually assigning it to a MIDI instrument, so Cubase is defaulting to the “Microsoft GS wavetable synth”, the default sound of which is a piano.

You need to either create an instrument track and then drag the MIDI file onto it, or load a rack instrument and route the imported MIDI file’s output to it.