Why are not all audio files accessible via the VST Sound folder of the MediaBay?


I have the following question and I would like to know if anyone will answer this one.
For some reason some libraries do not allow us to access audio files via the MediaBay in the VST Sound folder. For example, it is possible to access the audio files and the vst presets of the Neuro Mindset library, which is not the case with a number of other libraries like Simon Phillips where only the presets are accessible. Yet this one cost us the price.

It seems to me that we should have access to all audio files via the VST Sound folder since we paid to get these libraries.

Can someone explain to me?

The kits that give you access to their samples are Beat Agent kits. This is done primarily so you can easily reconfigure the kits and build your own. Naturally, these are almost exclusively synth drums and other pre-processed kits that you would hear in beat-centric music.

Simon Phillips Studio Drums is an Acoustic Agent kit. These use complex layering and programming for their sound, and basically would fall apart if you removed or replaced any of their samples. They’re not compatible with the Beat Agent at all either, since each drum hit triggers a lot of samples at the same time. So Acoustic Agent expansions are protected like most sample libraries, because there’s not much use for their separate samples from within Groove Agent.

Thank you for this quick and very clear answer. So, Acoustic Agent and Percussion Agent allow the few adjustments available in the main page of the editing tab. Beat Agent is not adapted to adjust and reconfigure the subtleties of the samples of these libraries, those are simply not made available.

Do it could eventually be updated or developed in order to manage more complex samples?