Why are pitch and warp controls omitted from the lower zone?

Suddenly it’s now top left of the project window… :unamused: basically the furthest away from the pitch and warp window you can get it…well almost!
but why move it away from the area your working in?

What are you talking about? Everything related to VariAudio is at the same place as always.

The pitch and warp controls in 8.5 are within the window that opens after double clicking the wav file…immediately to the left…
in 9.5 the controls are not in the window that opens, they are in the inspector to the top left of the project page, further away…
why would they do this? it’s not an improvement, yeah you can use the tap to go from pitch and warp to segments but quantize pitch and straighten pitch is now further away than before…did it need moving? not a work flow improvement IMHO… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you open the Window outside of the lower zone as you would have done in 8.5 the controls are where they always were.

Hi Grim, I know this…but that makes the lower zone irrelevant (for variaudio anyway) what I’m asking is why the heck would they move it?
to open in a separate window I have to double click the wav, then click to open a separate window, the last thing this software needs is more clicks…
can anyone say why it was necessary to move the controls?
maybe it’s poss in pref’s to make it open the old page after double clicking, I’ll take a look… :slight_smile:

Yes, and in fact it appears that if you have preferences set to " Double click opens editor in window", doing so opens the separate audio edit window but unless you also have the lower zone set to “Editor” (as opposed to Mixconsole as I normally do) there is no way to even see the Inspector panel’s Editor controls for the opened edit window (unless you now select “Editor” on the Lower Panel too). When a separate edit window is open, clicking the “Editor” tab on the Inspector side panel reveals an empty panel window where the Variaudio and other info and controls should be seen (as it does when using the audio editor in the Lower Zone). I assume this is a bug. If set in preferences, double clicking should open the separate edit window and the side panel Inspector should simultaneously show the “Editor” tab and all of the controls. Or, the edit window should have its own side panel with controls so that (for instance) it can be on a separate monitor which is not necessarily next to the arrange window and Inspector. Or perhaps I’m missing something???

No, the Windowed editor is exactly as it was previously– its inspector is in the editor window, not the Project Window. Just turn it on.

see: Samuel L. Jackson, “When you make an assumption”

Indeed, that is correct, and, that is how it works.

Possibly. :wink:

If I open the variaudio wind in a separate window the lower zone window stays where it is, so another click to remove it…it’s just so messy :frowning:
why did they remove the controls from the very window the controls belong to… :unamused:
I’ve just installed the update and it’s still a mess, …double click wav opens lower zone, click pitch and warp, click back to project page and processed wav file reverts to a wav file, click back in the lower zone, segments are greyed out, click pitch and warp again to get segments back…
variaudio and the chord track are the only reason I keep using cubase, they’ve just made variaudio a mess…it didn’t need touching at all…
why do they fix something that is not broken :question:

the upgrade has promise but not gonna be buying it with a broken variaudio…
and also, if you click to remove the lower zone, the newly opened variaudio window disappears, so it’s another click to bring it back…
the clickfest continues…

Sorry Shadowfax, sometimes you just have to learn how the new stuff works.

probably cuz the lower zone editor has not so much room(height) for all inspector tabs to be there.
maybe if the tabs on the inspector window could be movable,like drag it down to be closer to the lower zone editor it would be helpful.

Or he could just change a single setting to make double click open a new editor window again. You can still use the lower zone this way.

Yes, it would be!

I think there was no reason to remove the controls from the variaudio lower zone…and anyway variaudio lower zone is currently bugged, been confirmed and reported,
it worked fine before the upgrade…
just don’t understand why they do this! quite disappointing, I was ready to buy this upgrade because it looks pretty good,
will look back later and see if it’s fixed, i already have a working variaudio in 8.5

Just to be clear for any new Cubase users reading this thread to learn about Cubase issues– the controls weren’t removed, or moved. Their location is an issue though for users using Zones with tall displays, since, when you use the new-with-C9.0 Zoned editors, all the inspectors start from the top of the Project window. This is not a problem when using windowed editors.

Yes, of course Steve, I’ve changed the title of the thread, the old window is still the same but is there a way to get to it without going through the lower zone? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
why would anyone buy an upgrade to use an old window?

Go to Preferences/Editors and change the option from “Double-click opens Editor in Lower Zone” to “Double-click opens Editor in a Window”

One buys the options for both new features and options of different ways of working (including using old windows)…many also complain when cuirrent ways of working disapeer but with this one has the option of both the old way and a new one.
The lower zone is useful for many things on a Lap-Top I find whereas on my larger screens I only use it for Sampler Control.

Thanks for the info and I take the point… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but I still think removing the controls from the lower zone pitch and warp is a mistake… :slight_smile:

Shadowfax has absolutely right… Even when the prefs are set to “Double-click opens Editor in a Window” you’ll have to open the editor in the lower zone (which doesn’t suit my workflow).

The point of having the choice is a waste if you still need to have the editor open in the lower zone.

Even though I don’t use 9.5 yet for my studio work, it will drive me bonkers if this is intended and will stay this way.

But it is a problem when using “Double-click opens Editor in a Window”… because the controls is NOT present!

The need to have both the editor window and the editor in the lower zone open to use the controls make the “Editor in a Window” pretty useless.
This has to be a bug, or at least oversight, NOT to be defended as your life depended on it. Just saying.

PS. It drives me bonkers in C9.0 (I have not started using C9.5 in my studio yet, in which I hoped this would be fixed/changed).

I’m with Shadowfax on this one.

That was my point as well. To clarify, two screenshots are attached: One from CBP 8.5 and one from 9.5. I do not use the lower zone, it remains closed as I prefer to use multiple monitors. I double click to open the audio editor. Now, how do I access the Variaudio controls that were present in 8.5? They are not in the editor window (which would was the most logical/seamless place to have them) and the Inspector/Editor panel of the arrange page (that the Variaudio controls normally appear in when using the Lower Zone editor) remains empty, as you can see. The result is that there is no way to access the Variaudio, AudioWarp, Hitpoints and Range without opening the lower zone. This is a bug or an oversight as I’m sure Steinberg never intended to make usage of the LowerZone manditory.