Why are some edit functions not available in some patches?

I’m trying to understand this complex program. I have spent some time RTFM.

For instance, the patch, “Aah Bell Choir”. I wanted to modify the amplifier envelope, make a slower attack. But when loaded, in the Edit/Zone area, even though all the section buttons are activated, there’s nothing below, no amplifier section, no envelope section.

When I load other patches, they are there.

I know there is something I’m not understanding about how this program works. I’m hoping someone can enlighten me.


Make sure in the “Program” tree, over on the right side you have selected the appropriate point where you want to edit. You can edit parameters at the “Program” level, “Layer” level, or even (I think) at a “Zone” level. I can’t find the program you mentioned. I am only on the trial and it must not be in the trial content.


Thanks for the response, J. L.

On the patch in question, I did experiment with selecting all the various points in the Program tree but to no avail. It seems like some “programs” aren’t editable in this way. Unless I’m just not clicking on the right area. If the moderator of this lonesome forum has any thoughts that might be helpful, I’m all ears!

I just thought of something else. Have you tried the “+” tab in the editor area? You can add a new tab and select which editing module you want to add.