why are some parts connected with superglue?

This is probably a noob question, but after some searching, here is an example of my problem:

When I click on the flute part at measure 24, the trumpet part a few tracks up at measure 24 also becomes selected. Same is true in reverse. If I ctrl+click just one part to deselect it, they both become deselected. If I move one, the other also moves. If I delete one, the other is also deleted. If I double click on either, they open up together in the piano roll with one instrument’s notes bright in the foreground, and the other instrument’s notes desaturated in the background. These are all midi tracks I’m dealing with, linked to VSTs, and I’m on Cubase 6, the full edition.

The parts were recorded separately, and are on separate VSTs (one may be on Kontakt, and another Play). This happens throughout my piece seemingly with no rhyme or reason, sometimes with a good number of concurrent parts becoming linked together, always at the same measure, but on different instrument tracks. Once stuck together, always stuck together. Tried saving as a new file, but no luck.

How did the separate parts become linked? How do I unlink them? What the heck am I doing wrong?

Ctrl-G Groups and Ctrl-U ungroups by default. And there’s a symbol which appears on the events so you can tell. Does this help?


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help my particular situation. When the multiple parts are selected, ungroup is greyed-out in the menu. I tried grouping and then ungrouping, but the stuck-together/grouped behavior is the same.

This may be a new, better way for me to describe the situation, though: The parts are acting as if they are grouped together, but they are not.

Are they in a folder which is group enabled? Not that I’ve ever used this feature (yet), so it might not even apply…

Perhaps ‘trashing the prefs’ will help?


I tried trashing prefs…no dice. Looks like I’ll have to delve into the manual on the group-enabled-folder thing.

I appreciate your suggestions!

Try bouncing the part and then slicing. If no, drag the part to a new track to see if something about the track itself was corrupt.

You could send someone here the .cpr with the problem and if it’s confirmed as a bug then Steinberg will add it to their bug list… Or they might just be able to tell you what the ‘problem’ is.