Why are the first four bars not 4/4?

I have a score which should have 4/4 as time signature. However, when I add 4/4 to the beginning of the score, the first four bars are 3/8. Driving me mad. What is causing this?

If you turn on View > Signposts (either all of them or just Time Signatures), do any red signposts show up above the first few barlines? Where’s the first visible time signature beyond the 4/4 at bar 1?

-I only have a time signature at the beginning of the score
-There are not sign posts (I did not hide any)
-If I add the 4/4 at beginning of score, and then remove first bar line then I get sign post (4/4 (q,1+1+1+1) but then the first bar is becomes 3/4


Is this an XML import? I’d suggest deleting the first time sig, and then create a new one.

No, I recorded the chords ‘live’ with a midi keyboard. And yes, I have removed the first time signature and then created a new one. Doesn’t do the trick. I can probably just delete the first bars and put them back in manually to solve the problem, but shouldn’t it be possible to see somewhere in the score/dorico what is causing this?

Was insert mode on or off when you created the time signature?

If you attach the project here, we should be able to figure out what’s up.

Bird.dorico (992.8 KB)

Here you go. The problem is that many of the notes have the Ends voice property set, which causes rests not to appear, and makes it appear as if the bars have the wrong number of beats. The attached version has all of the Ends voice properties removed.

Bird.dorico (717.6 KB)

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I know how this happened. I did a midi recording and the recorded notes ended up in different voices. And also a voice with all/many rests. I tried to move everything in a single voice, and played around with the ends voice also…