Why are the tool buttons scrambled ?

Why have Steinberg moved the order of the tool buttons, they used to follow the order of the shortcut keys,
but now the draw button (8) is in the third place and the Split (3) is in the fifth position and the others are jumbled too,
perhaps someone can explain the logic of jumbling up these tools, as now the shortcut keys and tools don’t follow a pattern.

+1 to this…drives yer mad dunnit!!!

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That sucks.

I seriously hope they don’t implement the same thing in upcoming Nuendo versions…


In their defense, the draw icon being 8th in the list was nuts in the first place. As a new-ish Cubase user (came over in 9.5) that never made sense to me. The previous tool order didn’t match up with how frequently I’d use particular tools at all and seemed almost random. It seems like Steinberg rectified that in 10, which happens to align more closely with the tool order you see in other DAWs too.

If you’re an old-school user and been doing it the same way for 15 years, yeah, I can understand the annoyance, but I think the locations are an improvement. The default keyboard shortcuts should’ve been updated to reflect the new order, but they were probably kept as-is for now as not to further disrupt the workflow of long-term users who hit those keyboard shortcuts without having to think about them.

I’m certainly going to see if those tool shortcuts can be reassigned and will be doing so shortly if so.

I think they’ve decided to re-order the buttons for a good reason - to make the order more sensible.

That’s buggered up my Cubase qwerty keyboard that I bought recently…bought it because it has the shortcuts on it…or it did :confused: :confused:

Didn’t even realize they had changed order, I always use the keyboard, as long as they don’t change those I’m fine. :smiley: :laughing:

Are you sure? I think the key commands are still the same.

really?..I’m away at the mo so will check when I get back, just going by peeps saying the draw tool has been moved so I assumed it would effect my keyboard…cheers… :slight_smile:

Rearrange Key Commands to your liking, end of story. Pencil tool was far beyond reason.
Is this true there is no Bounce? I am afraid Nuendo will inherit such a nonsense.

Also seems the F9/F10 previous/next tool sequence is still following the old tool order, so doesn’t make a lot of sense at the moment,
it’s not exactly an update to make things any easier…….

Just like moving the key commands and preferences to a new menu, I think the ideas are running a little dry over there at Steinberg. They seem to make changes just for the sake of it with no intuitive reason as to why.

Well, I am using keyboard as well. But I look at the order and press them! This is a mess! A basic programming bug! I hope the fit it in tomorrow’s update!

I am going to contact support on this. Same inconsistency in MIDI editor. YIKES.

Did anyone get a response from Steinberg on this?
This is SO annoying and counterproductive.
They should definitely change the shortcut numbers to match the order of the tools icons.

Why can’t you change them yourself?

I can, but it’s annoying. Can’t a DAW be intuitive? Things should be logic, otherwise it’s caos.
Everytime I need to do something technichal to fix GUI, I’m moving away from creativity stuff, and that’s not nice at all.

I don’t see it that way at all. You change it once, and your done.