Why are there missing samples in Halion6?


I was playing and looking for a guitar sound in Halion6 when I spotten that many of the sounds have gaps in the samples. There are some samples missing here and there in the sound. Anybody else than me that have noticed that? Like this. I took a shot of the preset One finger HardRock strat. In the bottom octaves only some notes are there.

I have tried to reinstall but they appear just as broken. How to solve this?

That just means that there are no articulations mapped to those notes. You’re not missing anything.

In a few cases though, some presets do use the MID (“lite”) versions of the instruments, which don’t have all articulations to save memory. This is also not a bug.

Using the full version of Halion Sonic, you can easily replace these cut-down versions with the full XXL ones when needed:

This process is slightly more complicated using Halion 6. You’ll have to go to this folder here and drag and drop to replace the layer (in this case you would drag and drop it on top of the “Voodoo Guitar” layer):

Ok, well it is sort of a “bug” to me. Going from halion sonic to the full Halion 6 I expected it to wipe clean all lite products/libraries and replace them with the full version. Is it possible to “reinstall with full XXL” ?

Read my post again. Halion Sonic already comes with the XXL versions, some presets just intentionally don’t use them.

At no point I implied that Halion 6 has higher quality versions of any of the Halion Sonic content. All of the Halion Sonic presets are obviously completely unchanged in Halion.