Why are there no layout/engraving features in Dorico Elements?

From what I see, there is no support in Dorico Elements to modify the layout of your composition or score, move dynamics, hairpins, etc, other than inserting system breaks in your composition, you print out what you see in the “print” mode.

That’s correct: Dorico Elements doesn’t include Engrave mode, so you get all of Dorico’s default positioning behaviours, but you still have quite a few options for controlling the overall look of your score, such as page size, staff size, and vertical spacing, via the Layout Options dialog.

Might consider also including barline page breaks in Elements, at least. I understand it would have to be accessible from the Write page, which is not in Dorico’s workflow, however consider the following scenario:

I write music for my peers who also are in the market of affordable notation software, and I present music with awefully random phrase-to-bar alignment, and they ask what software I used and whether I can clean that up. As its one of the most visually obvious changes I can make to otherwise well-written music to make it presentable and professional, Dorico takes the hit here in terms of word-of-mouth to get other musicians to invest in your product (with the goal, obviously, of becoming a Pro user).

Just something to consider.

I use both Elements and Pro at different times. There are plenty of minor engraving features I’d like to see available in Elements as well. But where would the line be sufficiently drawn to satisfy Elements users? I could see that being a challenge to parse out. Every Elements user would ask for this or that feature. Shoot, even we Pro users are constantly demanding more! :laughing:

I really see Elements being useful only for younger students or hobbyists. And I believe that in the past two decades we have greatly altered our definition of what is “affordable” for notation software! Any early Finale purchasers want to amen that? :wink:

Fergler, you are not quite right about this:
what you call barline page breaks is what is called (in Dorico) Frame Break.
Have a look in your Dorico Elements 2.1 Write Mode - Edit Menu, it is down quite at the bottom.
You will also find System Break there.

Even in Elements you have some useful tools to adjust the Overall look.