Why are there slots added to my tracks - Cubase 12

Hi, I was working on a song and suddenly i noticed there where different channels added to my vst ‘Vibrant’ and also showed up in my mixer.
I don’t know where they came from and what to do with it. Also cannot remove them.
Maybe it has something to do with automation?

Any suggestions?


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These are the individual output channels from the VSTi, in your case Vibrant.
You can fold them back by clicking the (slightly hidden) ^ sign. It will become visible when you hover with the mouse in that area.

In the Mixer you can select them, right-click and chose “Hide selected channels”.


Hi, thanks for reply. I noticed there is always 1 of those showing the way you described, but in this case suddenly there where 3 of them and suddenly showing within mixer. I see you also have multiple within Groove Agent showing. is it because of different automation?

Totally normal for instruments which offer more than one output.
Have a look at Halion Sonic SE 3. I can choose to activate up to 16 stereo outputs.

Somewhere in your instrument you have activated additional outputs as well. It’s a good feature, try to embrace it. :grinning:


Thank you! Indeed they where activated on severall tracks. Don’t know for sure when it was activated but now i know where to find it and I’m sure I’ll digg into this feature to understand more about it.
Each day is a learning day for me with Cubase and I love it :slight_smile: