Why are there so many accel.s?

I received this file from a client that I am engraving for some reason this one page contains several accel. in the String parts (Violin, Viola and Celli) but does not replicate this behavior anywhere else. I checked the various engraving options, notation options and setup options but found nothing that solved the problem. Any idea what is going on here?

Yes, you are going to want to check your system text settings via a menu.

Layout options > Staves and Systems > System Objects. It is possible that there is some combination of displayed options.

If that’s not the case, and it looks “normal” you’ve likely run into a musicxml problem.

Unfortunately, without the file in front of me, I can’t be of much greater help.

I have been able to eliminate these extra markings by moving the top instance one 32nd to the right in Write mode (setting the grid to 32nd notes and using Control-Alt right arrow).

You may return it to its proper place in Engrave mode.

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I tried fixing that initially but no luck. However, @rkrentzman 's idea seemed to do the trick.