Why are these rhythms changing?

I accidentally added the wrong timing/rhythm within certain sections of my piece. So I went to fix it. However, anytime I try and delete and/or alter any part of a measure that sits between other notated measures, Dorico completely changes the timing of the other measures around it.

For example in the attachment below:
I noticed some unwanted tuplets in measure ‘2’. Whether I simply delete the tuplet notations or delete the entire treble cleff section, it shifts what I had in measure ‘3’ (in the treble clef section) into measure 2.

I also tried this on another section of my music that didn’t require me having to delete tuplets. I tried to alter two ‘16th-notes’ into ‘8th-notes’. The same bug occured. And on top of that it shifted the rest of the piece a half-note-duration forward!

I don’t know what to do, I was just about to finally finish this piece of music today and now I can’t even fix what I already wrote in :sob:

Check that Insert mode is not active, then try your edits again.

FEW…Thank you so much! I recall pressing insert mode, not knowing exactly what it did. Thank you SO MUCH! Instead of deleting this post out of embarrassment, I will keep it here just in case anyone else needs to know this info! lol!

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