Why aren't my Expression Maps working properly

I’m most likely unaware of something but as of now, my expression maps aren’t working properly. I added the custom expression maps for Abbey Road One Low brass. I recorded a melody in longs and then went into the key editor to change one note to be a different articulation as the rest. When I do that, it does not playback as such. It only plays the articulation that is selected in the virtual instrument. What am I doing wrong? Because aren’t I supposed to be able to change each note if I wanted to do with the attribute style?

Your Expression Maps definition is empty.
Did you load the Expression Map that comes with your library (ABO)?

Your Expression Maps should contain slots and look like this:

Then in your Key Editor the articulations will appear in the “Articulations/Dynamics” lane when expanded.


Sorry, that was the wrong expression map. I have another example here with Albion One strings. So I bought Art Conductor expression maps so I don’t have to do all of them myself. With that being said, in this example, I select longs in Albion One, and then I changed a note to Spiccato. This time all of the notes changed to spiccato. For some reason when I change the articulation for just one note, it changes them all. I’ve highlighted the section where I made the change in the key editor but I also tried your suggestion with the articulaiton lane and still the same results. What am I doing wrong?

Your screenshots are not helpful.
Click on the “+” button in the Key Editor (bottom left) and select “Articulations/Dynamics” to show the articulations lane. Then post a new screenshot please.


Sorry about that. I watched the art conductor video (Babylonwaves Art Conductor for Cubase - Overview - YouTube) where it said I can change the articulation via the info pane (Please see screenshot). But I also tried it via the articulation lane and still the same results. I select longs in the vst, recorded a melody, changed whatever notes, but then instead of only changing that note, it changes them all. In this example, it changed them all to brush. Even changed it in the vst. I don’t understand why it’s doing this.

I don’t see anything wrong here.
A closer look into your project could help determine if the problem is with your Expression Map definition or something else (Komplete Kontrol)

Please upload here a reduced version of your Cubase project file containing just a few tracks and (dummy) notes.

Here is a test project file. Thanks!

Cubase Expression Map Test.cpr (3.2 MB)

I had to delete the group channels to make the project smaller. I’m assuming that won’t make a difference.

Ok the problem is in your Expression Map definition.
For all your sound slots the Note-On parameter in Output Mapping is set to the same key switch: C-2.
See my screenshot.
You have to change that to distinct notes corresponding to the proper key switches defined in your VSTi, for each articulation in Expression Maps settings.

So I realized that I can’t just change the articulation of one note and expect the rest to play at what I set in the vst. I have to put an articulation on each note in order for them to play accordingly. Some libraries worked and some didn’t and I also realized it was what Art conductor brought in. Needless to say I will have to put all the expression maps in manually. Thanks for your help!

hey just saw this thread. i’m in the same position. everything is mapped to the required specs, but there is no change and as you’ve said it only plays what’s set in the instrument. in my case i have already mapped ‘distinct notes’ that the moderator requested that you should do. were you able to get the problem solved?

I ended up just buying expression maps from Babylon Waves. I think the trick was to add a blank one at the top of each one. https://www.babylonwaves.com/cubase/