Why ask If you are going to do it anyway?

Long time user here, and this is just idle curiosity as it is something that doesn’t really bother me, but why when dragging an audio file from Windows Explorer into a project do we get a popup asking if I want to ‘Copy File To Project Folder’ when it disregards the answer and copies the file in anyway even with the checkbox left unchecked?

There have been countless times over the years where I would want to drop a file into a project temporarily for comparison purposes or whatever, or maybe prefer to have a file held external to a project that is updated by a separate application that needs to be reflected in the current project, but each time another copy lands in the pool regardless.

Probably me just missing something obvious, but this is an itch I needed to scratch :smiley:

I am going to state the perhaps obvious: The Pool is not the same as the Project Folder.


Ah-ha … every day is a schoolday!

Blindingly obvious now you point it out!

Okay, I’ll just quietly shuffle back out the door and carry on with griping about the new UI … :flushed: :zipper_mouth_face:


Lol. :joy::joy: