Why Bank Select MSB gives either bank#1 or bank#28?

Hi there! I’m trying to control a kemper profiler with midi in Cubase pro 11.
So I opened the key editor and created a “program change” lane and a “bank select” (CC 0 BankSel MSB) lane. Both are working. The only thing is that the “bank select” lane can only give bank#1 or bank#28 while I would like to access banks in between (2,3,4…27). Does anyone here have an idea or a solution?
thank you

I don’t normally (like ever) deal with MIDI Program Change commands. But I’d think it might be easier to sort out what’s happening using the List Editor instead of the Key Editor.

This is Cubase 12 but I am pretty sure there was no issue with Cubase 11 in this area either.
On my installation I can freely set ProgChng and BnkSelMSB…

Do you have an Input Transformer active on that track? Or a MIDI insert plugin?

Hi raino, thank you, I didn’t know the List Editor. Sadly I didn’t find yet why it doesn’t work.

Hi Johnny! thanks for your answer.
I have no Input Transformer active on that track, nor any MIDI insert plugin.
When I modify the banks and programms using the track buttons directly (which are written OFF and OFF on your last snapshot) it works correctly. But when they are OFF and I use the Continuous Controllers, there is only two possibilities: either CC 0 (data 1) = 0 (data 2) ( and so it is bank#1) or CC 0 > 0 (and so it is bank#28). Impossible to get bank#2, #3, #4… etc

Ok, you mean on your Kemper you get only bank 1 and 28 while in Cubase you can see any different value from 0 to 127. Correct?

If that is the case than you need to look at your Kemper device. The restriction would come from it.

Not exactly, I mean if I try to control the Kemper direct from the program and bank select window in the Inspector (picture just above), it works perfectly. But it does not work when I try to change banks using the Continuous Controls.

Oh, I think I understand now.
As per the Kemper Profiler manual it looks like you should use BankSelectLSB (CC#32) instead of MSB.

Thank you so much @Johnny_Moneto! This was it! LSB and not MSB. You made me save a precious time. :grinning:

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