Why can I only buy a boxed version?

Curious as to why I am forced to buy only a boxed version for my C6 upgrade from Studio4. I have already ordered my upgrade but the option to download was grayed out. I don’t get it…

The dongle that comes with the boxed version is the same dongle that I am already using. I know for a fact you can put more licenses on the same dongle, I did so with the MP3 license that I bought for Studio4. The boxed version is out of stock and I can’t get any sort of ETA on it, so I’m just waiting around for an e-mail with tracking info, who knows when that will hit my inbox. Would have been so much easier to let me put the license to my existing dongle in the meantime and download the C6 installation file.

Any particular reason why this is the method Steinberg is using for upgrade customers?

I thought, I may be wrong, that an upgrade version never included a new dongle. Certainly my boxed upgrade from C4 to C6 didn’t include one. I just used the new registration code to upgrade the licence on my existing dongle.

There are no downloads for any new full version…ALL Cubase product is currently boxed.
Your upgrade to 6 will not include a dongle.

Updates for this version will be downloadable.

One of many threads mentioning it here…this one includes a Steinberg response.


i Love my boxes… got a shelf of them i like to admire from time to time :wink:

You want the version that comes inside an easter egg?

Ah I see, thought it would come with a dongle… another reason why not being able to just download the installer and the new license to my existing dongle in the meantime makes no sense. I want the box and everything, I am just saying it would be nice to be able to download the stuff once purchased while the physical copy is being shipped, that’s all. Really simple.

So, assuming March is not specific just for that person’s order (located in Mexico), I have to wait until March? AMAZING. Chalk up another reason supporting what I am complaining about.

Not sure what that even means. Sarcasm fail more please. :unamused:

That’s what Ableton do with Live.

You can buy the download only version (cheaper) or you can buy the boxed - and still get to download the software right away, so you can get started.


The infamous Lady Gaga version. :slight_smile: