Why can I only view 1 plugin gui at a time using the mixer?

I don’t know if I missed this or something got changed in 7.02 because I spend most of my time on the project page but when I click to view plugins on the mixer it will allow me only to view one at a time. Did a setting change?


I think its been that way since 7 was released if you have the mixer full screen. We need an “always on bottom” option.

Is it suppose to work with multiple plugins when the mixer is not set to full screen? because it’s not for me.


hmm, don’t know … the mixer was unusable for me up till now, so I haven’t really ironed out how it behaves. I just noticed that when I had it full screen on monitor 2, that the plugin UI’s were hiding behind the mixer and you couldn’t bring the to the front without CLICKING again.