Why can't Absolut 3 be upgraded to Absolut 4 during the Grace Period?

It’s based on Activation date, not Registration date.
When did you ACTIVATE it?

Do I have to wait for a while?

2019.01.15 activation

No, it’s instant. As jaslan has asked, what is the date you activated it?

That info should be on this page: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=9073&L=1

Activated on January 15 this year.

I don’t mean to doubt you, but the activation date is not included the pics you posted. Did you go to the link I posted?

This is a user to user support forum anyway, so no one here can fix this if it needs fixing.

You should write to the store you bought it from- if that was the steinberg website, then the store is:


Ok, I contact the sales agent.
thank you all

Yes, you’re in the grace period. Good luck.

i saw this in another thread you need to open the elicenser control center and choose the maintenance option when it opens and it should change to absolute 4

Nice catch! Bet that’s it.

This is not the case. I have been maintaining eLicenser since 24th and have tried it on several computers at work (OS10.13.6; Win10). No, so I just want to come here and ask, I don’t think I’m the only one in this situation.

I contacted Steinberg’s sales agent and they couldn’t tell me what the situation was. Let me send an e-mail to German distributors for inquiries. But I can’t find any German e-mail address.

I’ve been waiting for Absolut4, and I haven’t even installed Absolut3. I’m afraid I’ll have to uninstall it to install Absolut4. I hate to waste time on all kinds of computer installations.

Most current version of eLCC? If it is not, it may not even know that Absolute 4 exists yet and won’t know that there is a Grace Period upgrade available.

I upgraded elcc,Still no new authorization.

I will not continue to entangle this problem,I have to have a good New Year.