Why can't Cubase do more graceful Elicenser disconnects/crashes?

I like to work on Cubase pro laying down with my laptop on my chest. Every once in a while when I get up to use the bathroom or get a bite to eat (or even sneezing or swatting an ant) will be just enough to temporarily disconnect the usb, causing Cubase to crash with an e-licenser error. What’s more, I usually have to restart the entire computer to get cubase to run again, can’t end cubase with task manager and then relaunch, nothing comes up. This is so %$*#$&% annoying and clearly degrades the quality of this product for people who have a workstyle like I do. I love cubase but crashing and losing work because I sneezed makes me want to scream. Why do you hate us? Why can’t we get a “elicenser disconnected, retry?” message if there is a temporary disconnect? I even have the same problem with an unpowered usb hub, although less frequenctly than the above scenario, someitmes the hub will draw too much power and all devices will disconnect for just a brief moment. Cubase will crash. Luckily this is only in a blue moon but no less infuriating.

Sorry to be so frustrated, really trying to get my mind around why this has to be so difficult.

edit: i do still love love love Cubase

Why not get a very short USB extension cable, then the key won’t be subject to this problem?

I do plug in a hub and that’s a little more stable but the hub connection still gets lost momentarily from time to time. I think on average I get about 1-2 elicenser crashes in a 12 hour session. I did notice though that when I get an elicenser error I do have 30 seconds or a minute to save my project instead of losing work, so that’s a huge help. And I did change backups to every 5 minutes. And I do notice on windows I don’t always have to restart windows after these crashes. So I guess I’ve been able to work around the issue a bit.

isn’t the e- licenser a problem after all ?
i think incorporating it in the software makes it sluggish
it would be ideal with a personalized serial number…