Why can't Cubase Pro 10.5 users update?

All other versions (full, upgrades, and edicational) are available, with the exception of the update from 10.5! Why?

Because they’re limiting purchases until the licenser servers have enough headroom.

But, yeah, it’s funny that they’ve only restricted the cheapest option - if you want to buy full version, they’ll let you! Gotta love the sales team influence. :slight_smile:

Well, a friend of mine got a free grace update. That’s even cheeper. Steinberg should learn that discrinibating against their most loyal customersa isn’t an acceptable buisness practice!

Real Joke. Unreal.

probably because that’s likely to be the biggest seller!

Steinberg must have the most incompetent sales team! Only the most loyal customers (i.e. those who updatew every year) are denied to buy the activation code. Everyone else can update!

Dude. Grow. Up.

You’re stuck in a traffic jam - yelling about it everywhere accomplishes nothing.