Why can't groove agent look like this?

Hello there I would love to be able to minimize groove agent gui to just the pads when I need to (maximize minimize button), we all work on laptops we have limited space.

This would be particularly helpful when dragging samples and preview sounds.

Thank you.


Yes I like this idea a lot. Space is always at a premium on a laptop


maybe something in GA6 will show up

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@nitrateaudio An updated grove agent six would be nice. If I’m not mistaken, GA4 came out in 2015 and GA5 came out in 2019, so GA6 is overdo :slight_smile:

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I’d also like to have more pads on display at once, not just 16

Groove agent has 128 pads, but if you meant more than 16 pads showing on the screen that is too much, and defeats the purpose of this request, we’re trying to squeeze the size down but keep it expandable. Because we work on laptops.

Hi thebabegrand, yes I meant more than 16 pads on display at once. However my request wasn’t in relation to your specific request, but an additional request for those of us who use desktop monitors.

I think it would be a great idea to have the functionality to just show the pads (as per your request) AND/OR be able to show more pads as well.
it’s software after all :slight_smile:


You know that it’d be amazing to be able to set the matrix size however you like it whether you want 8, 16, 32 or any number you set that’d be really something. I hope more community member joins the conversation, it’s getting really interesting. Groove agent really deserves all the love we could give it, wonderful software, I hope experienced groove agent users join the conversation as well.


Yes, i am working on 2 big screens via a PC, but you can use more monitors.
I use 2 LCD TV, but when i used my laptop at home, i always connect it to 1 of my 2 LCD screens via HDMI or/and SVGA
1 of the 2 can handle SVGA and HDMI.

If i make a little list, then software developers by cubase in Cubase have this way to handle the editor and the mixconsole in a separated window.

But, Groove Agent is an instrument, and maby in the future, just like here, they can make it for both ways better.
On single little screens you have to closer to the screen.
If you can choose for 32 pads… in 1 screen.

Do you remember old drum computers, like Roland R8?
16 pads was a standaard for drum machines.
Human feel drum computer in the 90’s, nostalgie.

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Yes hopefully more gui flexibility will come to groove agent! Every reply is bringing more possibilities and ways to make this wonderful instrument even better!
I use 2 monitors in my control room. But lately 80% of the jobs I’ll be on the road and I’m stuck with the one and only laptop screen. Been mobile like that for a year and that’s why I’ve switched to groove agent as my workhorse for sampling duties. It can handle whatever you throw at it. The only problem I face when I’m on the laptop is when I’m dragging samples from my session in cubase or from the file browser I always have to move groove agent out of the way to do this. Since the editing area is so big for a laptop

Yes, i’ll understand it, because not everybody have always room for big screens, and with apps on smartphones, en tablets, it is almost a crime to make it so tiny, but, you can make music on your laptop, in the 90’s i played drums in rock and roll bands, blues bands, and soul and in that time i was working and bought a Roland PM16 kit from 2 years old in 1996 and it was with this R8 MIDI.

My brother had both an low budget MC303 from roland, and those had all a sequencer on board.

Now i use Cubase 13 since march 2024, and this wonderfull Groove Agent makes me happy.
So far it works good here.
But, the sequencer is the DAW in Cubase.

For laptops you have to switch screens more in 1 screen.
By a big screen single i woul’d face the same problem, but when i go closer to the screen it is bigger.

Nice to see here that you have fun making your productions with music and be positive. Good things always need time to grow…

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