Why can't I access my "My Steinberg" acount?

When I click on “Sign In”, I’m presented with a request to verify my Steinbergs ID, with an emailed security number!

After entering this number I’m forced to change my password!!!

I don’t want to change my password. I want to access my account with my registered password!

What is this???

for whatever reason, it seems Steinberg has reset everybody’s passwords.

just change password, then change again

Well, they do have my old password. When I change my password to the old one, I get an error that the new password can’t be the same as the old. So, my account is still connected to my old password.

When selecting “MySteinberg”, I’m sent to this page:

Nothing about changing any passweord

After entering my email and password correctly, and clicking on “sign in”, I’m sent to this page:

Still no mention about changing any password! Only that I should verify my Steinberg ID.

After entering the verification code from the email (where changing the password is first mentioned.
Verify your Steinberg ID
To change your password, verify your Steinberg ID.
Enter this verification code now:”
I’m sent here:

I thought the purpose of the exercise was to verify my Steinberg ID! Not to change my password.

Am I going to jump through these hoops, every time I log intp “MySteinberg”? Steinbergs “MySteinberg” log-in is definitely broken, and needs to be fixed.