Why can't I add EQ, processor?


I am a complete novice in DAW (I have Cubase 7 AI) and wonder how I can add processors, EQ, gate, limiter and the like since I don’t need to create a track right now! My application involves using Cubase to apply audio processing to “live” audio (in mono) from an external microphone that is plugged into my UR22 input (L). The audio is then taken from one of the outputs and fed into a radio transmitter after it has been properly EQd, compressed etc. so this is perhaps somewhat unusual an application of Cubase. However, I know it works as other people are using it in this type of application.

I like the drag-and-drop feature but am not sure where I drag-and-drop to as NO track is created? Also, I had some trouble with terminology at first as I thought that “Effects” are the same as adding EQ, compression etc.

Also, I am not sure if I have to reconfigure Audio I/O? All I need right now is mono audio in at INPUT (L) and mono audio out at OUPUT (L). However, the software appears to have the audio go out in stereo (OUTPUTS L and R) but I assume there won’t be any performance issues if the outputs are configured like this although I only need audio from OUTPUT ®?

I will appreciate some pointers very much!


You would need to add the Compressor, EQ (whatever) to the input channel.
In the Mixconsole, make sure you have the inputs visible.
They show up as grey channels usually to the left.
The one that shows meter activity when you speak into the mic is the one you want.

This should get you started anyway.


You’re fast at responding : ) I wish there was a way for me to see a screen capture of what you are talking about. Yes, I realize that my question is really elementary…need to revisit Cubase to make sure that I DO have the “Mixconsole” visible. Now, I take it that to add any audio processing, I can drag-and-drop EQ etc. to the input channel right?

Thank you!