Why can't I define how the measure is divided into beats in the Key Editor?

In today’s popular music, 4/4 is by far the most applied time signature. The Key Editor gives a clear overview: the beginning of each bar features a clearly thicker vertical line for our convenience. And each beat features a thicker line as well, a bit less thick but still clearly thicker than the smaller time divisions. This is a great help when placing note events: it’s immediately clear where to put them. Well done!
However, when writing music in a less common time signature, things are not clear at all, unless I miss something. Here is an example of my experience.
I write a project in 9/8 time signature and I get a totally useless division in five beats: the first four beats are quarters and the fifth is an eight note. ?? Honestly, this is probably the last way, I’d ever want to divided a 9/8 bar into. In fact I’m pretty sure that this would never be the case. :smirk:
The most classical way is to divide a 9/8 bar into three beats, each of them 3 eights long (3+3+3). But in this work, which was written entirely in 9/8, I start with four beats (3+2+2+2) and later on I change to the classic three beats (3+3+3). Since I often write note events in the Key Editor, the 2+2+2+2+1 division, that I’m forced to, is very confusing. It’s a constant burden, because I constantly have to “recalculate” where the beat in question starts, which makes me lose a lot of time.
So I pray for the possibility of customizing the way of dividing the bars into beats.
This customization is indeed possible in the Score Editor, but this is not transmitted to the Key Editor - unless there is a feature that I don’t know about. I hope but I fear…
Please guys, can somebody fix this?!

If you design the click pattern accordingly, you can set any grid in the key editor.
Here is the example of a 9/8 measure with the division 3 + 2 + 2 + 2
You also have to adjust the ruler of the key editor so that the raster corresponds to the click pattern.

Wow, it really works, P.A.T.! Thank you so much!
Tomorrow I will try if I can alter the pattern during the course of the project to for instance a classic 3+3+3 pattern. I suspect that this will be possible as well. But I have to call it a day for now. Thanks again and have a fine evening> :+1: :+1: :+1: