Why cant I drop in halfway through a bar?

Been trying to drop in halfway through a bar for the past hour. Just had to give up on it today, maybe for good soon. Getting too many hold ups with this software (Elements).
All i want to do is drop in halfway through a bar. I have drop in and out points set, i have the record set to drop in/out. Either at the cursor position or start of range. Neither makes a difference. As soon as i hit record the Cubase right jumps back to the start of the bar.
I can get it to start in the correct position IF i turn pre roll off, but then its hit or miss if i start playing at the same time as i hit record.

I read that turning the metronome off for count in fixes this, but i cant. I turn it off, click ok and go back and look and its on again. Thats all 3 checkboxes. I can have the metronome play during record but with no count in, or i can turn it off. Either way, no count in.

I know i can just play the track, hit record while its playing and i do get dropped in at the correct place, but thats a work around. In fact I’m more concerned that the Metronome changes aren’t sticking.


What about to use Punch In/Out? Would it help?

No. If I set punch in to Bar 17.2 it starts recording at the start of bar 17. I end up with I beat overlapped. I’ve had to use this as a work around but I’m disappointed I had to.
Only way I can get recording to start in the right place is to have no count in and no pre roll, which makes it impossible to hit the first note in time.