Why can't I get the grace-period update to C6.5?

I’m repeating here a post I added to a thread in the less prominent C4-5 sub-forum:


Take it up with either Steinberg support or your reseller. I’m sure they’ll help you further since you have a valid 6.5 license. This is a user forum. Another thing you might try is download the 6.5 Trial (if it’s still up). With your license it will just be the full version of 6.5.

Thanks, Arjan P.

I can’t find a 6.5 demo, but I have found a link to updates C6.5.0, 6.5.3 & 6.5.4, here:

The 6.5.0 one is 740MB, and the text above it says:


Download the update to Cubase 6.5.0 from an existing Cubase 6.0.x installation here

so that looks very much like what I’d need - ie it looks to me like what you could use to implement a paid update from 6.0 to 6.5 (and then follow up with the 6.5.3 & 6.5.4 updates).

I’m not misreading that, am I?

The 6.5 demo is available, I grabbed it last week while waiting for the box. A little legwork is all it takes to find. Heading out, ATM.

Yup,that link will work. I did update 5 days back