Why can't I hear or play the sound of my suggest VSTs?

Hi all.
Oddly enough when I just installed my Cubase 12 I was able to go over the sounds and listen to it while using my MIDI keyboard.
Now, for some reason it does not happen.
I’ve checked numerous suggestions and tried both the CR enabled and disabled.
I actually have everything operational - like Loops and the main window.
But this thing just does not work and I would really like to because it is more convenient for me

Any suggestions?

Do you get displayed the virtual keyboard in the bottom right? If so, can you play sounds clicking the key buttons?


This is your 3rd post to the same topic. :pensive: Please at least link all of them to get all information at one place.

Hi, yes i do. and it still does not play…

Hey, sorry about it, it’s my first posts in these forums.
I’ll take that as a note for the future

Tnx for letting me know

The first thing to check is to be sure, in the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup panel, that the MIDI port used for your MIDI keyboard connection is included in the ‘All MIDI Inputs’ virtual port.

After this, there is a specific issue (I should say a bug, actually…) with Halion Sonic 7 : the preview section of the MediaBay/MediaRack simply doesn’t work with it, either using the on-screen keyboard or with an external MIDI one. It does work with Groove Agent SE 5, Padshop 2 or Retrologue, though. See here for more details :

No preview sound from HALion Sonic in media browser after reinstallation - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

We are for waiting an eventual fix… :hourglass:

Hi, i checked the first thing - and yes it is.
Now the really ANNOYING thing is that I WAS ABLE to hear the previews and then
one bright day it just POOOF disappeared.
I was able to play and audition VST sounds for the midi keyboards and not just loops.

I already did the basic with enabling and connecting the Control Room, this simply does not work.
What else can be the cause ?


Have you updated Halion SE/Sonic to halion 7 version by any chance?
I’ve got the same issue with no preview sound after a Halion 7 upgrade.
Halion 7 specific instruments work with preview fine but not some of the older instrument sets.
I’m trying to work out what’s going on.

Thanks Neil