Why can't I install elements on my laptop and PC?

I’ve just bought Wavelab 7 Elements after years of using Wavelab Essentials 4 and, more recently, Audio Studio 10. I now understand that I cannot install it on a second machine. If so, this to me seems unnecessarily restrictive. Can somebody on the forum confirm if this is correct please?

I record voiceovers as well as write music. I often record these away from my music PC but still want to be able to use the editing software to process the recorded files and email them to clients. I would not be using the software on two machines simultaneously, honest!

You can run on several machines, but not at once. Just move the dongle.

Why can’t it be done via elicenser? My dongle and its contents are too valuable for me to take on the road. It is safe in the back of my PC in my studio and that’s where I’d like to keep it. There must be a solution.

Hello, you can use WL7Elements via eLicenser, but if you moved your license on a S-Key, you cannot get it back on eLic.

Anyway you can go to your MySteinberg account and Reactivate your product on a new machine, but remember: you can have it installed ONLY on one machine at a time (read EULA)!

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