Why can't i locate the Group Track on the Mix Console?

In Cubase Elements 11 I have hooked up 2 audio tracks to 1 Group Track (GT RYTH): GT Ryth Funk and GT Ryth Funk (D). The problem is:

I do not see any of these on the Mix Console. Where did they go?!

Do you have it set to display?


All channels are visible

In the upper right corner press show left zone. Then in the “Visibility” tab on the left side of your screen click “channel” at the bottom and make sure that your channels are ticked with a V.

And in your last picture you are looking at the “Rack Type” and thats wrong window. Up to the left of mute button almost in the middle is the Configurations menu. Click the button on the left of the mute button and it will look like Steve´s picture.

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