Why can't I paste images into FORUM postings?


I no longer able to paste screenshots or image to the forum postings… I’ve tried to clea up my safari’s cache and history with no luck… When I switch to another internet browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Brave I can easily paste my screenshots.

I’m using Safari version 15.6 (17613. on macOS Monterey v12.5 (21G72)

NorFonts, have you tried dragging the pictures - instead of copy/pasting them?


I tried dragging the picture from my desktop but nothing happen except this message that can last for a week but nothing: …Uploading 100%…

Ah, I have had these sometimes too, but I would just try again.
There could be a little hiccup on the servers side…

I’ve had this strnage behavior since last April where I changed my old MacBook Pro 15 with a brand new MBPro 16.

It’s working as normal for me in Safari 14. Since other browsers work, perhaps Safari has a new security feature getting in the way?

I have the exact same setup and… it works :man_shrugging:t4:

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C’est très étrange @Marc :confused: