why cant i plug in usb keyboard after c7 starts

sorry if this has been covered before,
but I find it quite frustrating that I cannot connect a usb keyboard/controller after Cubase 7 has started…
I have a few different keyboards and controller and use different ones for different sutuations but if I want to swap one over then I have to save my project and restart Cubase remembering to swap the controller before Cubase starts…
surely there must be a fix for this… ableton accepts new devices on the fly so why cant the superior Cubase???
also annoying as sometimes Cubase looses the connection with my controller and I have to restart to use it again…

is there a work around for this?

is it the same with Cubase 8 as I am considering upgrading?

many thanks

The initalisation of midi happens while cubase is booting. Once cubase is up, it will not recognize any newly added gear.
This is an old-time feature request, but still not implemented.
Yes, other DAW’s do recognize the gear while they are running.

It’s not high on the issue list i guess since there is a simple remedy to solv it, and that is just reboot cubase.
I’ve never seen any workaround which is logical since the initialisation happens only when booting.
And yes, this is also the case in version 8.

kind regards,

That’s the reason I use a lot of legacy midi.

I have a usb midi interface that’s plugged in whenever the power is on. So it’s up and running when the OS starts and is available. You can plug things in and it works.