Why can't I record guitar to mono tracks

Hi, only the stereo tracks are useable today. I don’t want to record a mono guitar signal to one side of a stereo track, I want to select a mono track but they are greyed out

Perhaps your inputs are setup as stereo and not mono???

Go to the Studio menu and select Audio Connections. Then setup a mono channel (using the Add Bus button) from your audio interface to record your guitar.

Which version and which edition?
In C12, you can access the mono parts of stereo inputs with ease. But this isn’t the case for older Cubase versions… I think before 8… but I’m not sure on this.
Could be restricted in AI or Elements as well.

Hi, thanks everyone - I added a mono bus but it hasn’t stopped the mono tracks being greyed out

I’m in Cubase Pro (I think its cubase 10) from maybe 2018 - it’s quite feature-packed

If you add a mono input in connections then you gave to assign a physical input as well. Show a screen shot of the connections input. Also go to help and about which will tell exactly what version you have. Seems a little odd that you don’t know as you must have bought it?

Thanks Mkok, I changed my guitar input to right so that I could get a hotter signal from the Hi-Z switch, so I have added “R Guitar” in inputs. There is no “OK” button after this, to execute the command, or switch it over, so when I close the dialogue box it doesn’t seem to do much. Screenshot below:

It’s recording great on one side of stereo and the guitar sounds brilliant - I’d just prefer it mono

When you add a new audio track, you must choose the options.

  1. Interface input selection
  2. Configuration mono or stereo
  3. Audio output L, R or stereo.

That said, to test this, add a new audio track
Choose your input
Make sure configuration
is mono
And make sure audio output is stereo so you can plan the track.
Good luck

Cheers Wickham Sky,
That was a great idea to add a new audio track and yes its working fine on a new audio track.
This was a new project and when you go New Project it offers 16 mono 8 stereo and 16 midi etc as an option to get started - I picked that thinking the mono would work and then after the comments added some busses which didn’t seem to work until I added a new audio track after your comment. The mono tracks it created originally are still greyed out - I can delete them. I think I could do with setting up a blank template file with some of my settings
Thanks again

Read the manual… please!
This is a complex piece of software, and reading some basic chapters on the manual will help to understand what’s going on.

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When you select the mono track you can change the input channel in the inspector window to the left of the tracks work space (in you screenshot showing the tracks it’s the boxes to the left which are out of shot). I think you can also do that in the routing section of the mix console to but I usually use the inspector to the left of the tracks, it’s at the top, Just click open that section, it’s above the EQ section.