Why Can't I Record The Metronome????!!!!

Am I missing something?

I create a mono audio track, I start the metronome with the beeps, hear the beeps in my headphones, hit record, track starts recording, no metronome on playback.

Creating a metronome/click track should not be this hard in a DAW. What am I doing wrong?

You didn’t list what version of Cubase you have?
Also why do you want to record the metronome?

Maybe one of these threads will help.



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My apologies.

I am using version 8.5 64-bit.

The reason I want to record the metronome is that I will be sharing the file with another musician who will need the clicks for reference.

Thanks for the links, but the ones you provided don’t really talk about recording the “audio click” on a track.

I guess I could load a midi sample as the tone and try it that way, but it seems silly to me that you can’t record the “audio click” to a track.

Or can you and I’m just doing it wrong?

I will admit that I am a novice and am learning, but a click track is such a basic and fundamental thing that it seems like it shouldn’t be THIS difficult.

UPDATE: Just tried using a midi cowbell with the same result. Seriously, what am I doing wrong? I’ve watched YouTube videos on this subject and have literally spent a couple of hours trying to figure out why I am having this issue.

I think it had to do with routing the output but why not record a fake click - more versatile.

Sorry, you can not easily record the Cubase click in version 8.5. In the first link above it did explain that the option is now possible in CB 9.5. So if this is something you will need to do a lot maybe that is an option.

Really the easiest thing you can do is to record you own click track using midi/vst instruments or audio and quantize it if necessary for accuracy.

Another option would be to run a cable from one of your audio interface outputs to one of the inputs and record it as audio.

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As Prock says, not automatically available e in Cubase pre-9.5.

FWIW when I wanted to do this I found the quickest thing to do was to just draw in the relevant beats into a drum track and then copy and paste through the song. I even used to have the a few bars of a 4/4 beat in a Template.