Why can't I rename a Marker Track?

It has a name but It’s the wrong one and I have no idea how it got there. I’m obviously confused!


open the info line select your marker and rename it


I also can’t rename my Marker track in Cubase 8.0.20. So, it’s either possible in Nuendo only (I can do this in Nuendo) or a bug (I can do this in Nuendo 6, I haven’t test this in newer version of Nuendo, and I don’t have older version of Cubase installed).

It’s not about markers, it’s about the track itself (if I understand it correctly)-

Because in Nuendo you can have multiple Marker Tracks it is handy to rename them (for different scenes etc).

Where as in Cubase you have only one… Marker Track (which make renaming totally unnecesarry).


I wouldn’t say it’s unnecessary. And you can also display more Marker tracks in Cubase, if you import any Nuendo project.

Btw: If it s not possible to rename the Marker track in Cubase, I would expect, the double-click doesn’t make the rename field active (to looks like to be able to rename it).

Here’e the weird thing… in different projects they have different names. So somehow I’m renaming them without knowing it.


I just did few tests.

In Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase 7.5, I’m not able to rename the Marker track (even if I’m able to double-click, and enter the name). So I would say, this is wanted behaviour.

In Nuendo 6 and Nuendo 7, I can rename Marker tracks, as I expected.

So, the only way, how to get a different name of the Marker track to the Cubase is to load the project (with different name) from Nuendo.

I raised this point earlier (25 May).
See [BON-10842] Marker Track http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=231&t=80360&p=456491#p456291
Guillermo Moderator created a bug report.

Well that makes sense if it is a Nuendo only feature, that they will display in Cubase but be locked to retain compatibility for re-opening in Nuendo.

Guillermo does say in that thread that even though he has created a report he guesses it is by design rather than a bug. Nuendo is the product that has multiple nameable marker tracks.

Just a wild ‘stab in the dark’ thought here:

Earlier this year I learned [on the forums here] that to name a MIDI channel and have it apply to all the MIDI parts on that particular track, I was to hold ‘Shift’ then ‘Enter’ after naming it in the track header.

I don’t suppose that would also work in this case of marker naming, would it?

Or possibly one of the other modifier keys like ‘CTRL’ or ‘ALT’?

I tried that but it makes no difference.

This is what I experience BUT different projects of mine have different names in that field that I have unknowingly entered. Somehow they are being entered and I don’t have Nuendo.