Why can't I see both Layers at the same time?

I have Audio on 2 Tracks that I’ve Selected and set to have a SpectraLayers Extension via the Info Line. Basically the same as in this video at the 0:56 mark.

In the video both audio files show up as 2 individual Layers in SL which can both be simultaneously seen. However when I do it I can only see one Layer at a time. Both Layers seem to exist but the only Layer that is visible is the one for whichever Audio Event is Selected in the Cubase Project Window. I’m trying to learn how to use the Debleed function.

Look at the tabs just above SL timeline : there’s a Stereo and Mono tab, which means your 2 audio clips don’t have the same format. For them to be visible in the same SL project, they have to share the same format (same sample rate, same number of channels).

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Excellent catch. I always intend to record Mono signals onto Stereo Tracks and am a bit puzzled that I didn’t do so in this case. When I first read you reply I figured I must have accidentally added a Mono Track to record onto, but looking at the Project I see the Track is Stereo.

Anyway it’s easy enough to sort out.

So I figured out what happened. The original vocal takes were all Mono on a Stereo Track. After comping the vocals I used Render In Place which generated a Stereo file with the same audio on both the left & right sides - so that’s what caused the mismatch. Using Bounce Selection retains the Mono content as Mono.