Why can't I see Halion One in project window?

When I select “Devices” and then “VST Instruments” from the menu, and then select Halion One from the VST Instrument rack, it first asks me if I want to create an instrument track called “Halion One”. I do this, and then I can’t see the Halion One screen. I can get sound from it, and see a presets menu, but I don’t get that shiny blue/grey screen with the semicircular curve of filter knobs. How do I adjust the view to be able to see it? Forgive my ignorance, but I guess I don’t know everything about Cubase, even after having used it for many years through many versions.

It should ask if you want to create a MIDI track, not Instrument. On the MIDI track is an icon that looks like a few piano keys. You click that to open the GUI.