Why can't I zoom vertically, but I can zoom horizontally?

[Mac OS]

When I hold down ‘command’ and scroll on the magic mouse sideways, I can zoom in/out horizontally.

However, it does not perform the same function when I scroll up/down to try and zoom vertically.

Why is that?

And how can I get that to work? I have tried in the key commands to no avail - even setting up a macro didn’t prove successful.

This is a huge thing for workflow, and no, those of you who have been using the key commands ‘G,H, and control+G,H’ do not understand fast and smooth workflow if you think that is sufficient.


I don’t know why, but it is like this since ever. Discussed here manytimes already.

Btw, the guys with G,H approach are right, if their way of working is different than yours (if they are using keyboard as the main input device, not a mouse).

I’m a G-and-H-er :slight_smile:

My keyboard bears the scars:


Would love to be able to zoom vertically with a Magic Mouse.