Why can't we deactivate folders, FX tracks, group tracks..?

I made a fairly huge template that massively relys on deactivating tracks, as long as they’re not used. Strange thing is, that I can only deactivate audio, instrument and midi tracks. What about all the rest? There are many folders within my template and it would be handy, to just de/activate these instead of opening them and de/activate their content seperately. There are also folders stacked in multiple instances… You get the idea.
Also, effect tracks and group tracks may contain VSTs, which may produce unwanted CPU load. Being able to deactivate tracks is great but Steinberg, please, go all the way!

Agreed, that sure would be handy.

The way I work around this is that in my template I have all tracks disabled, and then just enable the tracks that I need as I start making a new song. Works well enough!

I’m not shure if I get you right. What kind of tracks do you have in your template?

Lots and lots of pre-configured VST instruments