why can't you point the grand at the sound sets?

this is really frustrating, I’ve copied all my old data from my old hard drives to new ones on my new machine. reinstalled the actual grand but it wont let me navigate to where the sounds are, there’s no function to tell it where to look fro the sounds.

I do not want to have to load all the DVD’s AGAIN!!!


I thought next to each of the model choices there was a button for that? Or am I remembering incorrectly?

you’re remembering incorrectly :slight_smile:

I’ve pressed every button,clicked in every bit of empty space with left and right click, in both the stand alone and vst version but nothing!!


This is what I was talking about.
See anything like that?

yes I do, but nothing happens when I click on them.#



Sorry for the late reply.
You really need to install the Grand 3 again using the DVDs.
The particular Models needs to be installed like a VST Sound Instrument Set.
You will find the models after the installation at the menu “Control Panel > Programms & Features”.
Have a look at this screenshot:

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Thanks for the late reply, I was hoping not to have to do this as the sound banks are already there.