Why change the project color window ?

Hi Guys,

Did everyone noticed the change in the project color window ?? It’s now just a popup menu and it’s terrible to adjust contrast/brightness. You have to click the menu and then click in the option to change the brightness/contrast for each step. Why did they change that window ?? Or did i miss something ??

I totally agreed, in the update thread this was being applauded and I thought people were crazy…lol

The color palette they had @ before the update was stellar… I really hate when things get dumbed down…

Oh the new replacement is AWFUL !! There was nothing wrong with it before !! Dreadful idea.

+1 :neutral_face:

Well, if the problem is with adjusting colors,
it may help to right click on the popup window and activate the “show numbers (or values)” switch.

But having all the functions in a menu instead of dedicated buttons,
is a big step backwards. ( at least a consistent step back, see: send pre/post :neutral_face: )

Again I fear that this is for touch compatibility and may not be changed …


The previous window was better agreed.
I would have liked an option to save presets in this window.
For example: Variations on Blue for one project.
Then variations on pink for another… :smiley: