Why Cubase 10 Installer 19,6 GB Zipped?

Really guys, I need to download 20 GB and then extract this, so I have to waste 40 GB to install Cubase. And I really lack of hdd space. Why not iso file? Why not plain files (like torrent do)? What logic behind this? I am using this Steinberg Download Tool.


The biggest is the sound content/library, of course.

You could download it on to a USB drive, unzip it there and install from there onto your C: drive. Once it’s installed, you can use the Library Manager to either move or delete libraries (for example, you could delete libraries you know you will not use).

I also was surprised at the download size. Cubase 10 itself is only 1 GB after the installation. The other 24 GB are sound files.

Maybe a download for just Cubase and other basics could be supplied, and then a separate download for additional large add-ons could be offered separately. The 20 GB download could still be offered for people who want to have everything installed.

Agreed, but there are interdependencies between things like track presets and certain libraries. In the Library Manager, it will warn you about this if you go to delete a library.

Yes, it would be nice if there was a button that said “Delete all the unnecessary crap I don’t need, will never use and regret having wasted the bandwidth to download”, but I’m guessing that would a define a completely different set of files for every single user.

The question is not about its size but about its format. U need no unzip everything to start installation. If it were an ISO file, you wouldn’t do that. Or if it was plain files - you not need to unzip it too. 20GB zip + 21 GB unzip = 41 GB of duplicated files, which I don’t need and don’t have HDD space for.

This is fair point…at a guess no-one thought it through and there’s just a zip it up to save space type of thinking going on without a) looking at how much you’re actually reducing the download by and b) the issues it gives folk with only a small amount of HD space.

While I agree with you, not everyone would know what to do with an ISO file. Zips are simple and universal. The one big advantage of the zip is that everything can be downloaded together in one file and nothing gets lost. I’d hate to think of the support calls otherwise. The fact is, the number of people with silly amounts of free space these days is almost certainly far greater than the number of people who are even aware of the waste.

But yes, it would be nice to have the option to torrent an ISO …

Imho there is no excuse for running out of drive space.
1 Tb SSD’s are at an all time low, and are going to get cheaper in the coming months.
Cloning software you can get free, and it is simple to use.